Monday, August 6, 2018

Tips for Getting a Restful Sleep

Nothing is more annoying than not being able to sleep. You toss and turn, your mind is racing, and nothing you do can help you relax. What on earth is wrong? Fortunately, the secret to a good night’s sleep can be found in this short article. So read on and learn how to sleep well.

The first rule to follow is to sleep when you are sleepy. That may sound ridiculous but this shortens the time you are awake in bed. If you can't sleep for 20 minutes, do something boring until you feel sleepy. Read a lousy book, sit silently in the dark or talk to your goldfish. Avoid bright light while you’re up or this will force your brain to wake up.
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Don't take naps. You’ll only be depriving yourself of sleep later. By avoiding naps, you end up feeling tired at bedtime. If you can't complete the day without a nap, sleep less than an hour before 3 pm.

Follow a tight schedule. Changing your sleeping times by over an hour can disturb your sleep. For instance, if you normally arise at 7 a.m. on weekdays to work, go to bed at 11 p.m. because that's when you start to feel sleepy. If you sleep later at 1 a.m., your body clock advances to make up for the rest you need. Remember that erratic sleeping session will disrupt your inner "biological clock" which is bad for your health.

Your stomach shouldn’t be too full or too empty when you sleep. Wait at least three hours after dinner before sleeping. Digestion doesn't work well while you’re sleeping and a full stomach may interfere with your ability to sleep. Switch to decaf coffee and avoid tea, cocoa and cola drinks. Caffeine can keep you awake even if you took it earlier since its effects last for 8 hours.

Lastly, choose a right pillow. A good pillow is regarded as one that is soft, but that has adequate support or bounciness to not flatten too much under the weight of the head of the person sleeping on it. It should retain those qualities over time. 
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The best pillow choice is Mr. Big. All Mr. Big pillows are stuffed with Elasta Fiber, a material imported from the UK that provides optimum cushioning and tension, but that does not clump over time, and that is even washable. 

The pillow shells are 100% cotton, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.  Mr. Big has also branched out to other sleep essentials such as comforters, mattresses, and duvets.  Each product is designed with the same nearly obsessive attention to detail.

With the help of Mr. Big, you will have a good hour of quality sleep!
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Mr. Big pillows and sleep essentials are exclusively imported by Newyork Home Fashions and are available in the Philippines exclusively at SM Home stores.  For more information on Mr. Big, visit:, or check us out on Facebook at mrbigpillowphilippines, or at mrbigpillow on Instagram. 

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