Friday, March 16, 2018

Keep your Skin Glow with Bellisima Egg White Soap

Eggs for skincare? How that possible? These are questions that are I usually asked my aunt when I saw her cracking the eggs, mix with lemon and used it as a facial mask. 

According to her, this beauty regimen help her skin look young and true to it my Aunt is 75 years old but she doesn't look like one. 
But cracking and preparing eggs every night is quite troublesome. As a writer and editor, I almost work 24 hours a day and spend my time writing that sometimes I forget washing my face ( this is the reality). 

Last year, at Bloggers Philippines Christmas thanksgiving party I was able to win a loot bag through a raffle containing this Bellisima Egg white soap and Morrison elbow and knee whitening lotion. Due to a busy schedule and writing assignment, I nearly forget to use it. 

But one day when I saw my aunt doing her so-called egg-timeless beauty regimen I remember the Bellisima Egg White soap. It is made from real egg whites, which have many proven benefits for your face and skin.  

It can help whitens and lightens skin since it can remove dead skin cells giving you an immediate glow. It can tighten the skin, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can prevent acne as it controls oily skin and it dries up & help prevent pimples. It softens the skin since it nourishes and moisturizes it leaving it soft and smooth.

This description and benefits of Bellisima Egg White Soap are somewhat same with my Aunt's egg-timeless beauty hack so I decided to try it.

It's my first time to try this actually and I'm quite surprised that it does not give me rashes. My skin is so sensitive that usually, I used baby soaps or hypoallergenic soaps. 

But honestly, I don't use it on my face fearing that will mess up my face. But this soap is quite promising to the fact, it is gentle to the skin. I continue using it for almost a month now and thinking to purchase a new stock in Puregold. 

For more details about Bellisima Egg White Soap visit their facebook page

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