Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Singing Cooks and Waiters Experience

I love to cook but most importantly I love to eat! (well obviously all of us loves to eat!). But the thing is we don't have time to cook or taste truly Filipino foods. 

Cooking just happened once a week for us. So most of the time we dine or take out food. Take-out food usually came from fast food. I always crave to eat crispy-pata, crispy chicken skin, kare-kare and lots of inihaw choices! 

A visit to The Singing Cooks and Waiter restauran satisfy my cravings! While entering the restaurant I saw the native decorations and statue that are quite familiar. The first thing comes in my mind is that 'Wow this is truly a Filipino Restaurant'!

For appetizer I love this Green Mango Salad 

Green mango, Eggplant, red egg, seaweed or 'Lato', tomato and shrimp paste or bagoong.

This Lechon Kawali is my husband favorite! He always told me this is his 'Pampabata Food'.

The crispness and the authentic flavor of this Lechon Kawali is really unique! This was invented by Rodolfo Ongpauco.

I love the food presentation here also. Just like this Bagong Saing sa Kaldero Rice serves perfectly done and steaming hot.

This Beef Kare-Kare serves hot until the end! Beef, oxtail & tripe in a delightful peanut gravy. Served in a hot clay pot with blanched vegetables.
Ihaw-Ihaw Special (Serves 4-5) This collection of assorted charcoal grilled meat and seafood is an all-time family favorite.

Lechon or Fried Chicken Tinupig - Whole Chicken cooked in coconut milk & spices, wrapped in banana leaves, then speared and grilled over live coals until super tender. Crisp Chicken lovers will surely like this! 

This place is surely a hit for a family get together, barkada blow-out or any gathering! Aside from sumptuous food you will be entertained by a Broadway talented  singing cooks and waiters.

This girl in pink is a local version of Celine Dion. She sings like no tomorrow. And the vocal cords! Wow as in WOW!

See boys at the back! My husband wearing red shirt dance with this guys! 

The Singing Cooks and Waiters was conceptualized by Rodolfo Ongpauco and it may also be found in Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Calauan ,Laguna & Gerona, Tarlac. 

According to Love Ongpauco- Fallorina Barrio Fiesta, Bakahan at Manukan and Isdaan Floating Restaurant are the sister company of The Singing Cooks and Waiters.

For more restaurant updates and details you may visit The Singing Cooks and Waiters Website: 
or visit their 

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