Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mega Vitamin For A Mega Healthy Skin

Being a mom is really difficult! The health and wellness of our entire household depends on me. When it comes to vitamins my husband always told me 'it's your job what to choose or what's the best vitamin suited for us.'

Selecting the right vitamin is a big challenge for me. Since most of vitamins in the market promise wonderful effects for everyone. The prizes also differ on who's the popular or not. These vitamins offers almost the same content and most of it are Vitamin C.

What I'am looking for a Vitamin C? The one that strengthens my immune system,a healthier heart, have better digestion, prevents eye disease, maintain my healthy gums and most of all smoothens my skin. All of these could be get by taking Mega C.

Mega C is a 100% alkaline vitamin C in sodium ascorbate form. It is non-acidic and you may take even before meals or empty stomach. It is made of veggie capsule and dissolve easily for a better absorption in the body.

It is a Filipino brand and been in the business since 2009.  It is manufactured and distributed by Mega C Health Ventures, Incorporated - a direct selling company engaged in the distribution and retailing of the proven safe and effective Mega C.

"Our inspiration are the hardworking Filipinos who deserve to enjoy a healthy life despite their busy routines.", according to their beautiful, energetic CEO/President Ms. Yvonne Buenavidez.

It's the most affordable mega vitamin suited for Filipino families budget. Spending P5.00 a day is not bad for having a beautiful and healthy family.

This is what I can say about Mega C.

'Kung Megaganda pa ba sa #megaC? Siyempre wala kasi megaling ito sa katawan. So time for #MegaSwitchtoMegaC !'

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