Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Exciting City of Hong Kong

For a small place, Hong Kong has a lot to offer. Within its limited space, you’ll find plenty of memorable tourist attractions, making it one of the most exciting destinations on this planet. With its stunning cityscapes, towering mountains and green countryside, one can’t help but be amazed by the cultural diversity of this city.
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One of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions is The Peak that offers a spectacular view of the city. Looking down from The Peak, you’ll marvel at the incredible city skyline, the world-famous Victoria Harbor, and the peaceful hillsides.

To get to the top, you have to ride in The Peak Tram. Its strong steel cables will take you about 1,200 feet  all the way up!. From there, it’s not difficult to imagine that you’re the king of the world as you tower above the beautiful city. Whether you're going up or coming down, The Peak Tram is one ride you shouldn’t miss!

Once you’ve reached the top, there are many ways to enjoy the magnificent view. You can go to The Peak Circle Walk or to the Lugard Road. Other places of interest are the Lions View Point Pavilion, The Peak Galleria and The Peak Tower Sky Terrace.

If you’d rather see the city from below, then you should go to Victoria Harbor, one of Hong Kong's most admired places. To experience its magic, take a Star Ferry nighttime cruise aboard a ferry or a traditional Chinese junk.
Whichever ride you choose, you’ll delight at the starry nights and enjoy A Symphony of Lights - a dazzling multimedia show featuring over 40 Hong Kong skyscrapers. With so much to love, why not visit Hong Kong today? 

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