Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Philippines’ top designing institute School of Fashion (SoFA), welcomed shoppers to a day of free workshop on fashion and styling during Fash Clash event at SM City Marilao.

Delivered by SoFA’s seasoned stylist and Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editor Randz Manucom, attendees had the rare opportunity of immersing themselves on fashion styling and self-improvement as Manucom tackled about finding personal identity through styling.
Hailed in Bulacan, SoFA’s seasoned stylist and Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editor Randz Manucom gives free fashion styling workshop to Bulakeῆos during the Fash Clash Event. Fash Clash is one of the many projects of SM City Marilao that aims to celebrate notable Bulakeῆos from different industries.

SM City Marilao partnered with SoFA to create self-expression platforms and self-development opportunities” shares Assistant Mall Manager Drev Fiesta. “Because we live in a culture that constantly influence us to follow trends and buy clothes, Fash Clash will be a crash course on how to best present ourselves and how to make fashion trends wearable for everyday use” Fiesta added.

Because fashion styling is becoming more relevant, recognized and accepted as a medium for self-expression and individuality, Randz Manucom gave invitees tips on how to mix and match different colors and cuts as well as how to create vibrant and coveted outfits. He also featured thousands of outfit ideas, styles and fashion trends that shoppers could modernize and wear every day.
 SoFA’s seasoned stylist and Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editor Randz Manucom inspires the next generation of fashion stylists, designers during the Fash Clash event at SM City Marilao. Randz Manucom is one of the sought after stylists in the country that was born and raised in Malolos, Bulacan. Fash Clash is one the many projects of SM City Marilao that aims to make the province known not just for its rich cultural heritage but also as home to many talents.
“Clothing style serves as mirror image to one’s personality. This is the reason why it is important to enhance it because it helps in opening doors of opportunities” says Stylist Randz Manucom. 

Apart from fashion styling, Fash Clash also highlighted the basics of fashion photography using practical and experiential approach. It also provided a brief overview of runway experience and slew of work opportunities in the fashion industry.

Born and raised in Malolos, Bulacan; Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editor Randz Manucom is one of the sought after stylists in the country. Among his commendable styling portfolios are with Folded & Hung and the Japanese clothing brand, UNIQLO.

Fash Clash is part of SM City Marilao’s campaign to give exciting and unique retail experience as it becomes a gateway of information. It is also one of the many projects of the mall that aims to celebrate notable Bulakeños from different industries. 

With the launch of Fash Clash, SM City Marilao hopes to inspire the next generation of fashion stylists, designers while making the province known not just for its rich cultural heritage but also as home to many talents.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Three lucky donors will receive P5,000 worth of travel vouchers at the Donate Blood Save Life 2018 Campaign of the International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS) on September 28, 2018 in Pasig City.

Held in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, the campaign aims to promote awareness about blood donation and its importance in preserving life. It starts at 9 a.m. at Unit 907-A East Tower of the Philippine Stock Exchange Center along Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. This year’s theme is “Share the gift of life.”

“The event is part of our corporate social responsibility and is our way of giving back to the community. We invite everyone to join this worthwhile endeavor. This is your chance to help others and feel good at the same time,” according to Lou Aseron, ICATS marketing head.   

In addition to getting a free medical checkup and knowing their blood type, hemoglobin level, and blood pressure, donors will receive freebies and giveaways. Prior to donating blood, they will be interviewed and examined to know if they are qualified. Free food and souvenirs will also be provided during the event. 

What’s more, donors will automatically join the raffle draw and get a chance to win P5,000 worth of gift vouchers from Aliah Travel and Tours. Guests will have until 5 p.m. to submit their donor vouchers that serve as their raffle coupons at the front desk. Three lucky winners will be drawn at 5:30 p.m. 

Donors must be between 18 to 60 years old, weigh at least a 110 pounds or about 50 kilograms, and have a normal body temperature. They should have a blood pressure of 90 – 160/60 - 100 mmHg and a pulse rate between 50 to 200 beats per minute. They must also pass a routine check for hemoglobin. Teenagers as young as 16 can donate blood if they are allowed by their parents. 

“Have enough rest and at least five hours of sleep if you intend to donate blood. Avoid alcohol 12 to 24 hours before the procedure and no surgery within the year or body piercing or tattoos for the last 12 months. Donors must be physically healthy with no sexually transmitted diseases,” Aseron explained.   

Make a difference today. Donate blood and help others live. For more information, call 470-7523, 0917-8222366 or 0939-9144309. You can also check out https://www.facebook.com/events/521374688312684/.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Being able to cook tasty yet healthy food, in a limited amount of time, is an essential part of a happy lifestyle. However it can be difficult, and time-consuming, to find cooking methods that are low in fat, and also produce great-tasting results.

In today’s urban landscape, most people are so involved in the hectic schedules that they fail to maintain a balanced lifestyle and studies reveal that Filipinos are increasingly becoming more conscious of staying healthy. 

Philips, a global leader in kitchen appliances, strives to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. With its long history, Philips understands the needs and desires of consumers and has a strong heritage of delivering innovation that improves lives - to people, to homes and families.

Pia Umayam, Philips Personal Health Lead

As the brand reaffirms and strengthens its advocacy in motivating Filipinos from all ages and all walks of life to make a healthier choice, Philips kicks off its #NothingBeatsHealthyEats Caravan to encourage Filipinos to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

#NothingBeatsHealthyEats Caravan
Together with celebrity mommy, Bettina Carlos; celebrity chef, Martin Jickain; and restaurateur Chef Edward joined forces to put together a healthy spin on a menu of Filipino favorites in Manila.

Pia Umayam, Philips Personal Health Lead said, “At Philips, our goal is to enable families to prepare healthy, homemade food easily and more often. We believe that food is essential to healthy living and enjoying life, something our product range and innovations are centered around. These smart kitchen solutions are aimed at making it easier and simpler to cook tasty, nutritious food at home.”

Healthy Kitchen Solutions
Philips, as a company who understands the hearts and minds of home cooks across generations, share its latest healthy kitchen solutions.  

Rapid Air technology for healthier frying with Philips Avance AirFryer
The revolutionary Airfryer took the world of home cooking by storm in 2011, bringing consumer oil-less fried food.
Celebrity chef, Martin Jickain

With its unique Rapid Air technology it enables you to fry, bake, roast and grill the tastiest snacks and meals with less fat than a conventional fryer, by using little or no oil! Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air technology also creates less smell than conventional fryers, it is easy to clean, safe and economical for your daily use!

The trusty rice cooker that cooks beautifully and withstands more scratches  - Philips Avance Collection Sensor Touch Rice Cooker

Philips is introducing a new range of rice cookers that are specially designed to give busy moms a convenient, reliable way to whip up great-tasting rice every time.

It features a unique five-layer inner pot that is non-stick for easy cleaning and anti-scratch for enhanced durability, this rice cooker promises a longer lifespan.
Tasty rice makes the whole meal more enjoyable and the way of cooking plays an important role.

You got it all with Philips with Philips All in One Cooker

With an intelligent cooking system, you can slow cook, pressure cook and multi-cook all in the one machine. Its aluminum alloy inner pot is durable and offers more effective heat conduction. It’s easy to program timer indicates the cooking progress.
Celebrity mommy, Bettina Carlos

Beat the heat with your favorite smoothies using The Avance Collection Blender
This Philips blender can handle just about anything - from fruits and vegetables to ice. Its multi-speed function will blend, crush and cut for perfectly smooth blending and any consistency you want.

Create your own noodles using Philips Avance Noodle Maker. Its 360-degree extrusion technology allows you to enjoy fresh and tasty noodle in just 10 minutes. You can create all kinds of flavors by adding various ingredients like eggs or vegetable juice.

Pia Umayam, Philips Personal Health Lead said, “Philips kitchen appliances continue its commitment to innovating solutions to provide consumers with healthier, tastier and more efficient ways of preparing homemade meals, more frequently.”

To find out more about Philips’ healthy lifestyle innovations, log on to www.philips.com.ph.
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. announced today that it has intensified efforts to lay the groundwork for a nationwide rollout, seeking to provide its pure fiber internet connectivity for more households and enterprises.

In a strategic partnership with several local and foreign companies such as Korea Telecoms, LSI-Fibernet Konstruk Corporation, and TE Connectivity Subcom, Converge ICT Solutions shared its mission to fast-track the completion of its massive, nationwide network rollout to the public. These efforts are sustained as part of an ongoing campaign spearheaded by Converge to provide an advanced and reliable backbone of internet connectivity for more Filipino households and enterprises.

Chosen for their wide-ranging technical expertise and extensive business portfolios in the IT industry, Converge ICT Solutions´ new partners will help build and deploy the infrastructures necessary to provide pure end-to-end fiber internet connectivity at a nationwide scale. With the combined strength of its partners´ industry credentials and financial backings, Converge is taking bold steps ahead of the curve, leading the way towards building and connecting the Filipino people with better and more reliable internet infrastructures.

This vision is something which Converge President and CEO Dennis Uy firmly believes would serve as a catalyst for social and economic progress, helping everyone from ordinary Filipino netizens trying to connect with loved ones from around the world; to small and medium businesses trying to grow their ideas, as well helping accelerate the Philippine government´s ongoing IT projects designed to serve the Filipino people. With this in mind, Converge´s humble efforts seek to help prepare, lift, and further open the Philippines to global competitiveness, leveraging its unique and strategic position in the burgeoning Asian economy.

“We have set our sights to bring the best internet connectivity by starting in Metro Manila and some key provinces in Luzon. By going nationwide, we can do more rollouts and more installations in other islands in the Philippines, helping more people connect with one another through our infrastructure” Uy shared passionately.

According to Mr. Miles Tonn Chua, Chief Operating Officer of MetroWorks ICT Construction, Inc. (a subsidiary of Converge ICT) the total flow of investments is estimated at US$ 2 billion for the next 5 years. The rollout currently being executed has the potential to reach more than 13 million of the 22 million households nationwide, particularly the major islands situated in Visayas and Mindanao. Chua shared that the project is a 5-year plan, and the network backbones are targeted to be completed by 2021 but would be operational through different phases to enable the project to become complete prior to 2021.

The partnerships are slated to implement both Full Turn Key (FTK) and Semi-Turn Key (STK) approaches, according to Chua. FTK entails an end-to-end approach, which includes supply for imported materials and provides services up to acceptance. The STK approach, on the other hand, is where the Converge Group provides owner-supplied materials, an approach that is practical especially for demographics which include the National Capital Region. The partnership is currently both in ongoing implementation and final negotiation stages.

“With more projects to be completed, it will certainly contribute to the growth of Converge ICT, which is expected to be exponential,” adds Chua.

Chua also bared that they are looking to enter into more partnerships in the future to further improve its service offerings. “What the public is experiencing now as the best internet service, they can also expect that same kind in the next year or two.” the Converge COO shared.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Even the world’s top leadership coach admits he needs a helping hand to navigate through life and the decisions he has to make. And that’s perfectly okay.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a best-selling author, and the world’s #1 leadership thinker and executive coach from the USA said that it’s OK to ask for help from others. While most people veer away from asking for help, Goldsmith actually urges everyone to get over the idea of being able to do everything alone.

“I do this exercise daily with a peer coach. I have someone call me to listen to me ask myself questions I wrote and provide the answers I wrote every day. Why I do this? I’m Marshall Goldsmith and I’m too cowardly to do this by myself,” said Goldsmith in a podcast with EntreLeadership.

Dubbed as the Daily Question Process, it requires an individual to ask themselves a series of questions every day. The 3-minute exercise can help people change their lives for the better when done regularly. While the skepticism is expected, Goldsmith said that most people usually quit the exercise after two weeks – not because they failed, but because it has already impacted them.

“I’m too undisciplined. I need help, and that’s ok. I know how difficult it is to go,” said Goldsmith. The leadership coach adds that once there’s an admission for the need for help, life gets better.

The Daily Question Process requires the individual to write several questions on a spreadsheet, with each question representing a behavior that is important yet often easy to neglect. The questions usually begin with “did I do my best to…” and must be answerable with a yes or no.

The process helps the individual to confront how they actually live out their values every day. The mere process of writing the questions allows for introspection on what really matters to them.

Hailed by Harvard Business Review as the “World’s #1 Leadership Thinker”, Dr. Goldsmith has had more than 40 years of successfully coaching CEO’s from many of the world’s most renowned organizations such as Ford, Pfizer, GSK, World Bank, Toyota, Goldman Sachs & Co... He is also an author of numerous #1 bestsellers, with the latest book “Triggers” as #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will headline a two-city CEO, HR and Senior Leaders conference in Asia this October, with Manila as his last stop on October 26, 2018. He will be joined by top coaching gun Dr. Peter Chee, and master trainer and chief coach Serely Alcaraz. The leadership conference is organized by ITD, the global leadership development expert.
Today, Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft charity, hosted an early birthday celebration for Celebrity Ambassador Marian Rivera at partner hospital, Philippine Band of Mercy. During the event Rivera celebrated with Smile Train’s local medical professionals, cleft patients and families, and engaged with media.
Smile Train

Rivera introduced Smile Train and the comprehensive cleft care services provided at the center to members of the media and supporters who accompanied her. “Marami pang batang ipinanganak nang may cleft lip at palate na nangangailangan ng tulong,” Rivera explains. She adds, “sa simpleng pag post ninyo sa social media, hindi mo alam, may natutulungan ka na pala.”

(“There are many more children who are born with a cleft lip and/or palate who need help. Just by simply posting about Smile Train on your social media channels, you will be able to help a child in need.”) 

While one would normally receive gifts on their birthday, Rivera opted to give instead. Through her own initiative, she produced t-shirts with #YanAngSmile emblazoned across the chest—a play on her nickname and a word that can be associated with the cause she is advocating for. Rivera was able to sell 500 shirts, which will help 40 children receive free cleft surgery, drastically improving their lives. 

“Smile Train is grateful to have an ambassador like Marian. She has been an avid supporter who goes out of her way to raise awareness for children with untreated clefts here in the Philippines and all around the world. It is wonderful to see her use her platform to support our cause and encourage others to get involved as well,” said Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, Smile Train’s Area Director for Southeast Asia.

For more information about Smile Train's global efforts and to make a donation, please visit smiletrain.org. Follow Smile Train on Twitter and Instagram @SmileTrainPh, and like us on Facebook at @SmileTrainPhilippines.

The life of a grade school teacher from Cebu City is about to change as she takes home P1 million courtesy of PLDT wireless unit Smart Communications.

The teacher, who has been a Smart load seller for 10 years, won the grand prize during the Smart Ka-Partner retailers’ convention at IEC Convention Center (IC3) in Cebu City.

This year’s theme is Bilis Asenso sa LTE, as more and more load retailers are seeing increases in their earnings because of Smart’s fast LTE network.
Celebrities including Luis Manzano (left) and Arjo Atayde (right) have provided entertainment for load sellers during the Smart Ka-Partner retailers convention at IC3 Convention Center in Cebu City.
 More than 1,500 Smart load retailers from all over the Visayas attended the gathering, which featured entertainment, games, and raffle prizes. Apart from P1 million, other prizes were also raffled off to the lucky attendees, such as cash, mobile phones and other gadgets, a brand-new motorcycle, and other exciting prizes.

The participants were able to join the raffle by redeeming points and converting these to raffle entries.

Smart Ka-Partners or load retailers are usually found at our neighborhood sari-sari (small variety) or grocery store. Sometimes, they can also be our friend or relative from whom we can buy a load, wherever they may be. For the winner from Cebu, selling load has become a means to augment her income as a teacher.

The annual retailers’ convention is Smart’s way of giving back to its trade Ka-Partners, who have made substantial contributions to the company. Sales generated by load retailers account for a significant share of Smart’s prepaid revenues.

 The convention is part of Smart’s Ka-Partner rewards program, which gives incentives to the company’s load sellers to help them grow their businesses and enhance their livelihood while enabling communities to stay connected.

This year, Smart will hold five retailer conventions in various locations across the country. Each assembly will have its own set of raffle winners, including one recipient each of the P1 million grand prize.