Sunday, April 15, 2018


 Numbers don’t lie. This year, Cast Away Music Festival at SM City Baliwag was bigger and better as it attracted over 35,000 attendees from all over the province of Bulacan.

Now on its second leg, the festival enthralled music lovers with the most sought-after live performances of the country’s leading rock bands and music icons.
Para Makita Kang Malaya- As Ebe Dancel sang “Hanggang Wala nang Bukas”, 35,000 crowds lit up their cellphones to be at one in sending hope for the nation. Hanggang Wala nang Bukas is the theme song to Jerrold Tarog’s historical film Heneral Luna. The song was inspired by the film’s message of hope, courage, and passion. 
Sea of fans rocking at SM City Baliwag’s Cast Away Music Festival. Rockers did not disappoint the crowd of 35,000 from all over the province of Bulacan. 

Cast Away Music Festival featured the 1999 home-grown band Orange and Lemons 

A trip back in time, Rivermaya took back its audience to the 90’s as they sing their first song “Ulan”.
SM City Baliwag was filled with the range of mind-blowing and unexpected performances of Brisom followed by the sensational appearance of home-grown band 1999 Filipino Pop Rock Band Orange and Lemons who performed their hit single ‘ Hanggang kailan’ and ‘Yakap Sa Dilim’. Band artists like Urbandub and Ebe Dancel, on the other hand, gave surprising renditions and moving interpretations of popular OPM songs.

In addition to the captivating line-up, the festival also highlighted the 24 years of Rivermaya in the music industry.

The 1994 Filipino Alternative Rock band, led by its frontman Mike Elgar, took back its audience to the 90’s as they sang “Ulan”. Most of the songs performed reflected the band’s evolution from young upstarts to confident hitmakers. “Tatsulok”, “Liwanag Sa Dilim”, “Elesi”, “Kisapmata” and “Hinahanap Hanap Kita” were among the songs played, giving the audience a trip across the very best of what Rivermaya was about.
Along with big names in the music industry, Cast Away likewise showcased an unrivaled sound system, mesmerizing light show as well as the grandest fireworks.
A massive crowd of Bulakeños teemed the parking lot of SM City Baliwag to settle in for a night of nostalgic alternative music. 35,000 ecstatic crowd attended at SM City Baliwag’s Cast Away Music Festival. 

The Rivermaya frontman Mike Elgar shows his superb guitar skills at 35,000 fans during Cast Away Music Festival at SM City Baliwag. 

“This Music Festival is one way of thanking our shoppers. We hope that this event creates moments of connection with our customers while we foster patronization in our own music” said SM Baliwag Mall Manager Arch. Andrew Cristobal.
Cast Away is one of the many exciting summer activities in SM Bulacan Malls. Apart from Music Festival, SM Center Pulilan and SM City Marilao will hold the biggest dance competitions in Bulacan through the Illumination dance parties on April 27 and May 19

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