Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fabrics that Won’t Fade in the Sun

If you’re planning to make your patio furniture stand out, use the right fabrics. This will ensure that your patio decorations will last for a long time.

Your No. 1 enemy is the sun. The sun’s strong rays can easily destroy good-looking fabrics and make your patio accessories look old. For this reason, you should choose fabrics for patio pillows and patio cushions cover that won’t fade in the sun.

One good choice is a blend of Teflon and polyester. This material is waterproof, fade proof and weather resistant. It’s strong even if you put it in direct sunlight. What’s more, it won’t fade or tear even if you leave it out in a storm. However, this type of material can be hard to find and is often costly.

To save money, use polyester instead. This is another good choice for patio and outdoor fabrics. Polyester can be used to make a durable outdoor pillow and patio cushions covers. Check that the fabric is suited for outdoor use. This is your guarantee that the material is resistant to fading and is weather resistant.

Your third choice for fade-resistant fabrics is acrylic canvas. What’s nice about polyester and acrylic canvas is that they are available in several prints and colors. Hence, you have lots of choices. They are likewise easy to find.

For waterproof cushions or pillows, turn to marine grade fabrics. These are normally used to create boat cushions and are water resistant. You can obtain these fabrics at many stores.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, search at online fabric stores. Finally, before buying anything, get a sample of the fabric first to check it out. This will protect you from ordering the wrong kind of fabric. 

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