Saturday, January 17, 2015

Supreme Products with Supreme Income

Working in a regular job and earning a regular pay is good. But how about while working on your regular job and using wonderful products you will earn more. Sounds good right?

But the next question is "Is that a multi level marketing?" Yes it is. But I'm not telling you to resign in your current job and invest your hard earned money here and promise you to be a millionaire the next day. This misconception is always present in any multi-level marketing (MLM).

Here in SUPREME Business Solutions they offers a wide variety of beauty, health and wellness products. Also it is the first direct selling company who brought Garcinia Cambogia in the Philippines which is known to effectively lose weight without any harsh side effects.  Unlike with other direct selling companies, Supreme Business Solutions provide their partners the most advance operational system in the industry.
Photo credit Mr. Manny Bacolod

Partners means your a user and also a dealers. You have a choice to invest or buy products. Yes like other MLM they have business package that will fit-in your budget. Products that you can use and you can sell. Even by inviting people or just referring their products you can earn a certain amount. Not a million pesos but if you are good in marketing well you can reach a million. It's like just your buying a product in a drugstore, does the drugstore offer you rebates by just referring to buy a certain medicine? No, right? Here in supreme while referring and talking about the product you could earn something.
Photo grab from Supreme FB page

Supreme’s premiere products are the following: Glutathione Lotion with BB Cream and Sunblock SPF45, Perfume for men and women, Supreme Mangosteen Drink, S Beauty BB Cream, Exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Scrub, S-blend Coffee, Like a Virgin Soap, L-Arginine Plus, Turmeric Capsule, Humus Organic Liquid Fertilizer and Garcinia Cambogia.

According to Supreme’s President Jeffrey Gerald Loyola Pelayo, he is the owner of Pinac restaurant by the way. Pinac is a Filipino restaurant in UP Town Center in Diliman, Quezon City. He said that Supreme will be on top of the direct selling industry not just as income generating industry to many Filipinos who are looking for a job, but for everyone in the country to value money and invest it wisely.

Supreme Business Solutions has a main office at the heart of Makati, Guadalupe, Quezon City and Bulacan. They also have satellite offices in Baguio, La Union, Singapore and The United States of America.

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