Sunday, November 2, 2014

My First Mommy Blogger Halloween Party

November is most exciting month for kids. It's the month they can show off their scariest outfit in exchange of candies, cookies and goodies. It is also the time of year trick or treat parties were everywhere.

This year my family decided to attend the Mommy Bloggers Holloween Party at Fun Ranch Otigas. It's our first time to attend on this group party since we always do trick or treat in our village here in QC. 

Due to my work we came in late. My boys were at the area early but kinda shy entering the venue since they does not know anyone there. They prefer to wait for my arrival.

When we came in (by the way we are pre-registered), I'm quite disappointed since all the tables were occupied and everyone were so busy (Maybe I just expect that all pre-registered have table reservation.) But I think it's alright since we came in late. I look for mommies I know but I just see one or two. So I told my boys to wear their costume. My youngest son is quite shy at first but I told him he should not. 

So the party goes on I hear and see everyone is enjoying. So I told my son's just roam around and get some food or sample food while waiting for food provided. My husband was telling me to go home or just transfer to nearby restaurant so we could eat. I told him to wait for a while and understand that everyone is so busy and I don't know who the organizers aside from mommy Lani. 

I did not get my MBP tickets aside from the tickets that are sent to my email when I pay for the registration. So I have no idea if we are included on the raffle draw. My son's and husband felt they are not belong to the party but I keep telling them everyone is busy so just enjoy. 

So when the emcee told everyone that trick or treat is ready I decided to fall in line to get Jolly Ace products and some candies for kids.

By the way thank you for mommy Joyce for the beautiful ref magnet and keychains. Also to everyone who exerted their efforts to bake some goodies for the kids, and mommy Lani for being there. 

In the end my son's enjoyed the trick or treat part and the Fun Ranch ride all-you-can pass. Although we did not get some goodies aside from Jolly Ace, the best thing is I see my kids smiling face and I was able to pacify my husband by dining at Max's reastaurant nearby.

Maybe next year party would be more enjoyable and everyone would feel being part of the group. Goodies and give-aways were just give-aways but the feeling of bonding and talking to fellow mommy is what I expect. Or maybe I expect too much. 

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