Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boost Your Google Rank in 10 Minutes

Does your web page carry the names “Home”, “About Us” or “Contact Us”? If so, you’re in trouble. People will have a hard time finding your web site and it’s all because of these bad names.

When it comes to creating web sites, old habits die hard. A lot of people insist in using these useless tags despite the fact that it won’t increase their visibility on the web. Indeed, when will web designers learn that the title tags of web pages must be easily accessible and quickly searchable by search engines like Google?

Naming a web page "About Us" is a bad idea since this phrase doesn’t mean a thing. When Google (or other search engines) start identifying you, you’ll be known as the “About Us” web site. It’s a shame really, especially if you have a lot of products that will benefit your visitors.

When potential clients search the web, they won’t make a Google search for “About Us.” They’ll search for shoes, insurance, food, flowers or anything they like. If you’re selling any of these items by all means name your site after them so you’ll appear on the front page of Google and get more clients. Get the point?

Surprisingly, these lousy phrases remain popular. Currently, there are more than 1,230,000,000 web pages found on Google that are named "About Us". Even if you do specialize in “About Us” items, do you seriously think your web site has a great chance of emerging on the first page of Google when a billion other web pages have the same name?

Thus, web site title tags must be specific if you want to be on top of search engines. If you sell shoes, then you should tell Google that your web page is all about shoes. Name the web page "Quality Leather Shoes" and then check that your content on that web page pertains to quality leather shoes. If you sell different kinds of shoes, you can easily create a different page on your web site about Italian leather shoes or any shoes for that matter. This will lead visitors searching for these products directly to your page..

Sadly, a lot of web designers are lost when it comes to naming web pages properly for great search engine placement. That’s not surprising since many web designers are simply designers. They’re excellent at creating pretty web sites. They’re fond of utilizing different kinds of flash tools and visually enhancing bells and whistles. But these tools won’t put your site near the top of the search engine list without the proper tags.

So the magic word here is focus. Focus on your products and services and name your site after them. This will accelerate your Google rank and make your web page stand out. 


  1. A very good read and reminder to me :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks Sarj Cabanlig-Bagalay for reading my blog.

  3. Wow, very good insight. Like all of them, I never realized that! Thanks a lot!

    1. Yes guys kasi ako din nagtataka din minsa kahit anong gawin kung optimize ng page ni client di pa rin tumataas. When I realize try to change the name for almost a month pumaas ang ranking ni client

  4. Thanks for sharing Cheryl! Need ko na pala siya palitan. :)

  5. Oh, that's a very interesting insight. Thank you for sharing, Cheryl. :) I need to spend time to change mine na. :-)